RECHARGEABLE Wireless Tattoo Power Supply & WIRELESS Foot Pedal

$ 60.00

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Default Title TPS-WP950 $ 60.00
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Eliminate the wires! This is an excellent quality RECHARGEABLE tattoo power supply and WIRELESS stainless steel foot pedal. Utilizing smart pedal technology, this foot pedal has a continuous mode (push on and push off). The rechargeable battery in the power supply unit provides constant power, even when there isnt a power outlet. The foot pedal uses a 9v alkaline battery; it can also be plugged in if the battery runs out.

This is a true professional quality foot pedal that works great! It is crafted in heavy duty, polished stainless steel and features a non-slip rubber pad for comfort and ease of use.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Pocket Size, Power Supply is 11.1CM by 8.4CM by 2.2CM
  • Lasts for 8 hours
  • Input AC: 100V-240V, Output: 1-16V
  • Wireless has a range of 50 meters.


  • Rechargeable Power Supply
  • Stainless Steel Press Foot Pedal
  • USA Power Cord