Ringmaster Irons "Apollo" Shader Tattoo Machine Gunmetal Gray

  • Made in the Usa
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$ 195.00

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Default Title TM-RNG-CUS120 $ 195.00



Ringmaster Irons "Apollo" - Gunmetal Gray - Shader

When it comes to tattooing, nothing is more important to an artist than having the right equipment. Every Ringmaster Irons tattoo machine is hand crafted in the USA, where each machine is meticulously designed down to the screws and washers, to provide top quality and dependable products.

This hand-made shader tattoo machine features a steel frame with a custom mixed gunmetal gray powder coat finish. The "Apollo" features a set of black oxide binding posts and a sterling silver contact screw. The top of the line Ringmaster Irons springs are crafted from precision-cut, high quality steel.

The Apollo's coils feature a 5/16" kapton tape wrapped hex core made of iron as well as copper lugs. The coils are hand wound and wrapped with $2 bills for a truly unique design that stands out.

Ringmaster Irons Springs

This custom shader uses high quality Ringmaster Irons springs. These precision-cut front and rear springs are crafted from blue tempered steel and are designed to line up together exactly, for a high performance machine.

  • 20G Rear Spring
  • 18G Front Spring
  • Cut from blue tempered 1015 steel

Ringmaster Irons Coils

Every pair of Ringmaster Irons coils is assembled and wound by hand in the United States for high quality that you can trust. Ringmaster Irons coils are expertly designed by professionals who demand the best out of their equipment.

These custom 1 ¼" coils are hand wound into 10 layers of premium 24 AWG Essex magnet wire and wrapped in $2 bills, giving the Apollo a unique appearance. Powered by a 35v 47uF capacitor, this shader is strong and steady with a sweet spot at about 5.2 volts! The Apollo is a high quality tattoo machine and is sure to become your favorite shader.

  • 10 Wrap -1 ¼" Coils
  • 35V 47UF Capacitor
  • Coils Wrapped in $2 Bills
  • Custom Armature Bar
  • Unique Wheat Penny Vice Screw
  • Custom Buffalo Nickel Spring Saddle
  • Gunmetal Gray Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Hand-made in the USA


  • 10 Wrap -1 ¼" Coils
  • 8-32 Threading
  • 35V 47uF Capacitor
  • 5/16" Hex Top C12L14 Steel Core

Ringmaster Iron's Tattoo Machines are hand-made, making every one a unique piece. For this reason, some colors and parts may vary slightly from the photograph.