Ringmaster Irons Wired Coil 8 Wrap 33UF Round Top 1.25" Pink

  • Made in the Usa
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$ 18.69

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8 Wrap Knurled Round Top 1.25" Wired Coil Pair - Pink

Every pair of Ringmaster Irons coils is assembled and wound by hand in the United States for high quality that you can trust. Ringmaster Irons coils are expertly designed by professionals who demand the best out of their equipment.

This pre-wired pair is set up with a 35V 33 UF capacitor and Hand Wound with 8 layers of pink 24 AWG Essex Magnet Wire. These coils utilize a pair of unique 5/16"  C12L14 black oxide cores with rounded tops and black phenolic washers. We consider this a perfect pair for a custom liner set up. The pair is completed with premium copper lugs for easy installation.


  • Wraps: 8 Wrap
  • Core Width: 5/16"
  • Core Length: 1 ¼" 
  • Core Material: C12L14
  • Threading: 8-32
  • Capacitor: 35V 33UF
  • AWG: 24