Ringmaster Irons Wired Coil 8 Wrap 47UF Hex Top 1.25" Copper

  • Made in the Usa
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TMP-RNG-CLCR-HT125-47-ORG $ 18.45
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8 Wrap Hex-Top 1 ¼" 47uF Coils - COPPER

Expertly crafted and wound by hand in the United States, Ringmaster Irons coils are made from premium parts and offer top of the line performance. These coils are wired with a 47uF capacitor and hand wound into 10 layers of copper 24 AWG Essex magnet wire for the ideal shader or packer set up. Each pair of coils comes pre wired with premium copper leads (lugs) for easy installation.  Also available in 8 wrap and 10 wrap as well as shorty 1" and standard 1 ¼".


Wraps: 10 Wrap
Core Width: 5/16"
Core Length: 1 ¼"
Cap Width: 3/8"
Total Width: 3/4"
Threading: 8-32