S8 Red Carrier for Tattoo Stencil Transfer Thermal Paper for Better and Cleaner Tattoo Stencils

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Get the most out of your tattoo stencils with S8 Red Stencil Transfer Carrier for a cleaner, more precise tattoo stencil every time

The experts at S8 know that tattoo artists are constantly looking for the best tattoo supplies that will help them improve their art. That�s why they developed the Red Carrier to improve the quality of your thermal stencil transfers, for cleaner and better looking tattoo stencils. A superior quality tattoo stencil will increase the quality of your finished tattoo infinitely.

A problem with many thermal printers is that they do not evenly distribute the heat over the surface which can lead to the development of hot and cold spots. The S8 Red Carrier is made from high quality materials and specially designed to absorb the infrared energy from the thermal copier and evenly distribute it for the perfect tattoo stencil. You can also use the S8 Red Carrier to hold together oddly shaped stencils before they are passed through the printer.


  • 1x Reusable red stencil transfer carrier
  • Available in two sizes: 8.5" x 12" and 8.5" x 28"
  • Absorbs infrared energy to evenly distribute during the printing process
  • Produces cleaner and more precise tattoo stencils
  • Ready to use and works with any thermal or impact printer

How to Use:

Insert your completed stencil transfer sheet into the carrier prior to running it through your thermal printer. For best results, we highly recommend using the S8 Red Carrier with S8�s complete line of tattoo stenciling products. When used together, S8 Red�s tattoo system provides long-lasting and precise stencils that won�t smear, smudge or wipe off until you are ready to clean up.

Your art demands the best quality tattoo supplies and accessories on the market. Get the most out of your tattoo stencils with the S8 Red Carrier from www.MonsterSteel.com � while supplies last!