S8 Red Tattoo Needle Cleaner Rinse Cup Wash Individual Sachets for Removing Ink and Residue from Needle Groupings

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Product Description

Get more out of your tattoo needles with this tattoo needle cleaner from the S8 Red Tattoo System

Busy tattoo artists are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve the quality of their work. S8 Red Tattoo Needle Cleaner is great for improving tattoo needle performance by helping to rinse away ink and residue from the needle groupings.

The first of its kind, S8 Needle Cleaner is a botanical based solution that easily rinses away ink, petroleum and organic matter from your needles, tubes and cartridges without having to wipe it off on a paper towel. It allows for quicker changes of ink colors, sharper needles and better performance. The clear solution is safe for all skin types and contains vegan friendly ingredients.

The innovative minds at S8 appreciate the daily grind of running a tattoo shop and the demands that come along with it. S8 Red Tattoo Needle Cleaner comes in perfectly sized individual packs that help to reduce product waste and eliminate cross-contamination. Stop buying large bottles of tattoo needle cleaner solution that end up getting contaminated and then thrown away after a one or two uses. The single serving packs are perfect for easily tracking stock levels and managing cost control for budget-minded artists and owners. TSA approved, these single packets are ideal for traveling professional tattoo artists.


  • Individually packed 3g sachets of tattoo needle rinse
  • Single serving packs save you money by eliminating cross-contamination and reducing wasted product
  • Removes tattoo ink, petroleum and biological matter from needle groupings
  • Improves needle performance and minimizes color-crossing
  • Compatible with all types of tattoo needle cartridges
  • Vegan friendly and safe for use on all types of skin
  • Individual packets are TSA approved for flying and ideal for traveling tattoo artists

How to Use:

Simply add S8 Red Needle Cleaner to your rinse cups to effectively remove tattoo ink, petroleum and other residue from your tattoo needles, tubes, and cartridges. This needle rinse improves your disposable tattoo needle performance by keeping needle groupings clear of build up, resulting in a better final product. S8 Red Tattoo Needle Cleaner also reduces instances of mixing or muddying of colors, providing faster color changes and more accurate coloring for a better tattoo.

For best results, use S8 Red Needle Cleaner with other S8 tattoo supply products. When used together, S8�s complete line of products provide everything you need from start to finish for clean and precise tattoo stencils and better needle performance.

At www.MonsterSteel.com, we are proud to offer all your wholesale tattoo supplies at unbeatable prices. Your art demands the highest quality tattoo supplies available. Get the best performance out of your tattoo needles with S8 Needle Cleaner while supplies last!

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