S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper Thermal Paper Sheets for Precise and Crisp Tattoo Lining Work

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Product Description

Welcome to the future of transfer paper for tattoos with S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Paper for cleaner, more precise lining work

The innovative technology behind S8 transfer paper is about to revolutionize the tattoo industry. The world's first red colored stencil transfer paper makes it easier to see black ink while doing your lining work.

Traditional tattoo paper transfers a dark colored stencil onto the skin, making it difficult to see the black ink as you create your lines. The red colorants in S8 Red Transfer Paper provide the highest level of contrast to your black ink while you do your lining work, allowing for cleaner and more precise lines and a better tattoo. Additionally, this red stencil paper is safe to use on all types of skin and is approved by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The experts at S8 Red understand the daily grind of a tattoo shop and the demands that come along with it. This economically sized box is perfect for busy shops and budget minded owners. The box lays flat for convenient storage and protects the stencil transfer paper when not being used.


  • Groundbreaking red colored tattoo stencil transfer makes it easier to see black ink during lining work
  • Allows for cleaner and more precise tattoo lining work
  • Ready to use and compatible with any thermal or impact printer
  • Vegan friendly - Mineral and vegetable-based waxes provide long-lasting stenciling performance
  • Red colorants are safe and federally approved for use on all skin types
  • Sheets measure 8.5" x 11"

How to Use:

For best results, use S8 Red Transfer Paper with other S8 stenciling products. S8 Stencil Transfer Gel cleans the skin and helps to effectively transfer the stencil onto the skin, while S8 Tattooing Gel creates a barrier that locks in the stencil and helps to reduce client pain during tattoo sessions.

When used together, S8 Red�s complete system provides long-lasting and precise stencil transfers that won�t smear, smudge or wipe off until you are ready to clean up.

Your art demands the best quality tattoo supplies on the market. Step up your stenciling game with S8 Red�s revolutionary thermal paper and their accompanying line of tattoo stencil products from www.MonsterSteel.com � while supplies last!

You may view our Safety Data Sheet here..

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