S8 Red Tattoo Transfer Gel Stencil Solution 2-in 1 Individual Sachets Cleans and Transfers Tattoo Stencil onto Skin

  • Made in the Usa
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S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Transfer Gel is about to revolutionize the industry with its 2-in-1 tattoo stencil solution

Welcome to the future of tattoo stencils with S8 Red Stencil Transfer Gel. The dual action formula works to clean the skin of excess oils and effectively transfers the stencil from the stencil paper onto the skin. S8 Red's innovative technology is proven to alter the skin's pH levels to allow for optimal tattoo stencil application and clean, crisp lines that won't bleed or smudge during the tattoo process. The off-white colored solution is safe for all skin types and contains vegan friendly ingredients.

The tattoo experts at S8 understand the daily grind of a tattoo shop and the demands that come along with it. S8 Stencil Solution comes in perfectly sized individual packs that help to reduce product waste while eliminating cross-contamination from using a large bottle of stencil solution that ends up getting thrown away after contamination. The single serving packs are also great for easily tracking stock levels and managing cost control for budget-minded artists and owners.


  • Individually measured 3g sachets of tattoo stencil gel
  • Single serving packs are cost-effective by eliminating cross-contamination and reducing product waste
  • 2-in-1 formula cleans skin of oils and transfers the stencil from paper to skin
  • Allows for cleaner and more precise tattoo lining work
  • Ready to use and compatible with S8 and Spirit Transfer Paper
  • Vegan formula � safe for use on all skin types
  • Individual packets are TSA approved and ideal for traveling tattoo artists

How to Use:

For optimal results, use S8 Stencil Transfer Gel with other S8 stenciling products. S8 Stencil Solution cleans the skin and helps to effectively transfer the stencil onto the skin as well as neutralizing the skin�s pH to enable the best possible stencil application every time. Use it along with S8�s groundbreaking Red Stencil Paper for more precise lining work and S8 Tattooing Gel for locking in the stencil and helping to reduce client pain during tattoo sessions.

When used together, S8�s complete line of products provide clean and long-lasting stencil transfers that will not smudge or wipe away until you are done and ready to clean up.

www.MonsterSteel.com is proud to offer wholesale tattoo supplies at unbeatable prices. Your work deserves the highest quality tattoo stencil supplies available. Upgrade your tattoo stencils today with S8�s innovative Stencil Transfer Gel and their complete line of stenciling products.

View our Safety Data Sheet here.