S8 Red Tattooing Barrier Gel Single Use Packets to Lock in Tattoo Stencil and Reduce Client Pain During Tattoo Sessions

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Quick Overview:

Get the best of both worlds with this 2-in-1 Barrier Gel and Tattoo Care Solution from the minds at S8 Red
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Product Description

Get the best of both worlds with this 2-in-1 Barrier Gel and Tattoo Care Solution from the minds at S8 Red

Tattoo artists are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and get better results. S8 Red Tattooing Gel is a dual action solution that works as a barrier cream for your tattoo stencils and also helps to alleviate client pain associated with the tattoo process.

S8 Tattooing Gel is designed to form a protective barrier over the tattoo stencil to prevent it from smudging or blurring during tattoo sessions. It acts as a lubricant gel to assist needle movement while also preventing needle burn, reducing friction and improving ink saturation. Artists, we didn�t forget about you! S8 Tattoo Gel also reduces glare on the client�s skin, making it easier to see your work while reducing eye strain. As always, S8 products are vegan friendly and approved for all skin types.

The experts at S8 Red know the demands that come along with running a busy tattoo shop. That�s why they take all the hassle out of determining how much product to use for a tattoo and preventing cross-contamination. S8 Tattooing Gel comes in convenient pre-measured single use sachets. You will save money by cutting down product waste and eliminating cross-contamination from large bottles of solution. The single use packets are great for easily measuring inventory levels and cutting costs for artists and owners. Approved by the TSA for airline transportation, these single packets are ideal for the traveling tattoo artist.


  • Single serving packets of tattoo barrier gel
  • Forms a protective barrier to lock in the stencil and minimizes client discomfort
  • Assist needle movement and allows for better ink saturation
  • Saves you money by reducing product waste and eliminating contamination
  • TSA approved for airline travel

How to Use:

S8 Red Tattooing Gel was designed to withstand the buildup that accumulates on tattoo needles and tubes during tattoo sessions. After you apply the stencil to your client�s skin, apply the tattoo gel to lock in the stencil and create a protective barrier. The gel solution prepares the skin for needle penetration, allowing for enhanced ink saturation and better tattoo results.

For the best tattoo results, we recommend using S8 Tattooing Gel with S8�s complete line of tattoo supply products which includes transfer paper, stencil solution and other supplies to improve your set up.

At www.MonsterSteel.com we are pleased to offer the best tattoo products at wholesale tattoo supply pricing. Get your hands on S8 Red�s complete tattoo system today while supplies last.

Please view our Safety Data Sheet here.

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