S8 Stencil Thermal Printer

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Product Description

S8 Stencil Printer

Removing the need to hand draw stencils as artists move to the digital age, S8 has teamed up with Brother to create a tattoo thermal copier that allows you to print stencils from your computer or mobile device quickly and with ease.

Expanding on Spirit's Thermal Copier while remaining capable of printing Spirit's Thermal Paper, the S8 Stencil Printer is able to connect to mobile devices such as smart phones and mobile devices like iPads and Android tablets for the artists who creates their artwork digitally, allowing for quick and effective printing of images either created by the artist or sent in from the client.


  • S8 Tattoo Stencil Printers allows either USB, Bluetooth, or wireless AirPrint connection options
  • Utilizes Brother's iPrint&Scan app for mobile devices, which compliments programs such as ProCreate and QuickSketch.
  • Compatible with Spirit's Thermal Paper and S8 Red Stencil Paper
  • As a thermal printer, there's no need to replace ink cartridges
  • 50 Units of S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Paper
  • 50 Units of S8 Transfer Gel
  • 50 Units of S8 Tattooing Gel
  • USB Cord
  • 110 Volt Power Supply with US Adapter
  • Installation Packet including manuals & warranties
  • Sample pack of Opus Tattoo Gloves

On the Go Ease of Access

Whether you're working in a shop, working as a travelling artist, or frequenting conventions, the S8 Stencil Printer is a fantastic tool to help you easily print stencils wherever you are. Lightweight, compact, and easy to set up, the S8 Stencil Printer conveniently and efficiently prints stencils from any mobile device or computer via a USB port, Bluetooth, or S8's wireless AirPrint.

All-in-One Tattoo Stencil Equipment Kit This tattoo stencil equipment kit comes with everything you may need to print your stencil and get it placed on your client. The S8 Stencil Printer kit includes a USB Port, 50 Sheets of S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Paper, 50 single use packets of S8 Transfer Gel (that also clean the skin), 50 single use packets of S8 Tattooing Gel, and a sample pack of Opus gloves in each size.

A Step Forward in Digital Age Tattooing

As tattoo artists rely more on digitally creating their tattoos through various programs, S8 eliminates the need to hand draw designs created digitally by allowing the artists to connect the S8 stencil printer to their computer or mobile device and print stencils directly. The Brother iPrint&Scan app for mobile devices allows for basic digital manipulation of the image while also being compatible for more popular programs such as QuickSketch and ProCreate.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bluetooth model printer does not work with Apple products at all. The Bluetooth model will only connect wirelessly to Android and Windows devices.

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