Starbrite Colors Starter 9 Color 1/2oz Tattoo Ink Bottle Set

Product ID: INK-SB-0CSS9
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$ 46.79

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1/2oz 9 Start Color Bottle Set

If you were on a game show and only allowed a certain amount of colors to work with, every artist would definitely choose these 9. These ink colors are the building blocks to every tattoo design imaginable as they can be used alone or blended to create more beautiful shades. If you're a beginning artist or been in the game for 10 years, you will always need these in your tattoo arsenal so don't wait!


  • Includes: Bubblegum Pink, Brite White, Canary Yellow, Mixing White, Leaf Green, Jet Black Outliner, Tribal Black, Scarlet Red and Baby Blue
  • Non-Toxic Water Base
  • Sterilized For Your Client's Safety
  • Made in USA