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Stencil Stay Complete Thermal Tattoo Transfer Solution Set

Stencil Stay Complete Thermal Tattoo Transfer Solution Set

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Professional Stencil Solution: Stencil Stay, Spray, and Off!

This kit includes one 4oz Bottle of each Stencil of the Stay products! The Spray, seals in free hand stencils! The Stay, transfers stencils accurately onto the skin. And the Stencil Off gently removes unwanted stencils from the skin in just seconds! Read more about each product below:

Stencil OFF - Professional Stencil Remover - 4 oz Bottle
From the makers of Stencil Stay® comes Stencil OFF™ ! Just wipe away your stencils and start over. Vegan friendly and safe for all skin types. Stencil OFF™ is the ideal professional stencil removing solution for your clients.

Just spray Stencil OFF™ directly onto the skin and effortlessly wipe away the unwanted stencil with no scrubbing or irritation! Stencil Off also dries fast so you can start applying a new stencil without wait!


  • 4 oz Bottle

  • Vegan Friendly Mild Formula

  • No Cross Contamination Spray Nozzle

  • Scrub-FREE - Safe For All Skin Types

  • Removes Stencils Quickly and effortlessly

Stencil Spray - Professional Stencil Solution - 4 oz Bottle
Introducing Stencil Stay Spray a newly released formula, with improved consistency and even less chance of smu(more...)