Stencil OFF Tattoo Transfer Design & Marker Remover Solution

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Product Description

Stencil OFF™ - Professional Stencil Remover - 4 oz Bottle

From the makers of Stencil Stay® comes Stencil OFF™ ! Just wipe away your stencils and start over. Vegan friendly and safe for all skin types. Stencil OFF™ is the ideal professional stencil removing solution for your clients.

Just spray Stencil OFF™ directly onto the skin and effortlessly wipe away the unwanted stencil with no scrubbing or irritation! Stencil Off also dries fast so you can start applying a new stencil without wait!


  • 4 oz Bottle
  • Vegan Friendly Mild Formula
  • No Cross Contamination Spray Nozzle
  • Scrub-FREE - Safe For All Skin Types
  • Removes Stencils Quickly and effortlessly


  1. Spray a generous amount of solution over the entire stencil area
  2. Stencil Off starts working almost instantly - wait time depends on size of stencil
  3. Easily wipe away the Artwork with a clean paper towel. No Scrubbing needed!

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