TATSoul Big Ditzy Custom Large Liner Tattoo Machine 8W 1" Coils Iron Frame

$ 295.00

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Default Title TM-TSL-DITZY-L $ 295.00
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TATSoul Tattoo Machine

"Big Ditzy" Large Liner

The "Big Ditzy" large liner is a lightweight coil machine handcrafted by TATSoul's in-house experts. The sturdy, custom-made iron frame features a vintage look with a distressed bronze finish. This liner is well-designed to distribute weight evenly, reducing fatigue and strain during tattoo sessions.

This professional tattoo machine is ideal for all lining jobs and features stilted 1" 8-wrap coils. The fluted armature bar and a 17G front spring and 18G rear spring offer increased precision and accuracy. The "Big Ditzy" also has a copper contact screw for excellent conductivity during tattoo sessions. This machine has a sweet spot around 4.5-6.5 volts.

All of TATSouls Machines are fine-tuned for optimum performance and are built to endure the daily grind of a tattoo artist. Weighing in around 8 ounces, this lightweight but solid machine is sure to become your go-to liner.


  • Handmade liner tattoo machine
  • Iron frame
  • Custom antique bronze finish
  • 1" 8 Wrap Coils
  • 17G front spring, 18G rear spring
  • Fluted armature bar
  • Copper contact screw
  • Runs ideally between 4.5-6.5V
  • Approximate weight: 8oz