TATSoul Envy Tattoo Needles Textured Round Shader Box of 50

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Product ID: TN-ENV-1205RSB-TEX-BOX

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Product Description

TATSoul Envy

Textured Round Shader Needles

TATSoul have created the industry's highest-quality tattoo needles with its line of Envy Tattoo Needles. Envy needles are manufactured from the highest quality medical grade 316L Stainless Steel, preventing the needles from bending during the tattoo process and ensuring your best possible work each time. Envy needles feature the ideal needle taper design for providing the most efficient ink flow to the skin and reducing damage to the skin.

Textured Round Shader Needles have a long taper and microscopically textured tips that can hold more ink, making them ideal for heavy color packing. Unlike other textured needles, Envy Textured needles do not cause additional skin damage or increased healing time.

Each needle comes individually wrapped with an easy to read sterilization indicator.

  • Box of 50 Needles
  • Ideal taper for shading work
  • Provides exceptional ink flow
  • Reduces damage to skin
  • Developed by renowned tattoo artists
  • Individually wrapped and sterilized with ethylene oxide
  • Easy to read sterilization indicator
  • Lead-free

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