TATSoul Valor Direct Drive All Stroke Bearings Rotary Professional Tattoo Machine Purple

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Valor Direct Drive
Rotary Tattoo Machine

The experts at TATSoul have perfected the rotary machine with the Valor tattoo machine. This custom-built tattoo machine boasts precision machining combined with a bold and sleek design. The Valor features a patent-pending Magnetic Repulsion Mechanism designed to hit hard while cushioning the full extension of the needle for a smoother pullout. With the Valor's magnetic system, you will never need to worry about replacing your return spring.

This innovative machine features a one of a kind Spring Tensioner design that eliminates the need for rubber bands. The Valor's spring steel construction applies soft, even tension - giving you the flexibility of a rubber band with the reliability and convenience of a built-in needle tensioner.

The Valor works well with cartridge systems as well as standard needle set ups. For those who prefer a cartridge set-up, a second non-magnetic end cap is included to remove the machine's cushion, allowing the cartridge to function at its best.

The Valor comes fully assembled in a 3.5mm stroke bearing and is packaged with 2.5mm and 4.0mm stroke bearings to be assembled into the machine. A unique Valor Key is included and it is the only tool required to break down your machine.

All of TATSouls machines are fine-tuned for optimum performance and built to endure the daily grind of the modern tattoo artist. TATSoul's motto is "manufactured to be on an artist's top shelf and suitable to be daily workhorse machines." This meticulously designed rotary machine is sure to become your go-to tattoo machine and will last you a lifetime.


  • Custom built rotary tattoo machine
  • Comes fully assembled in 3.5mm stroke bearing
  • Includes 2.5mm and 4.0mm
  • Works with cartridge systems and standard needle set-ups
  • Premium Swiss Maxon motor
  • Body is autoclavable
  • Unique Valor Key tool included for disassembling
  • RCA Power connection
  • Extremely lightweight at 2.8oz

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