TATSoul Wrath Nexus Disposable Tattoo Needle Tube Grips 1" Box of 20

$ 33.00

Size SKU Price MSRV Quantity
Angled Round | 5AR GRP-WTH-NX-1-5AR-BOX $ 33.00
Angled Round | 7AR GRP-WTH-NX-1-7AR-BOX $ 33.00
Angled Round | 11AR GRP-WTH-NX-1-11AR-BOX $ 33.00
Diamond | 3D GRP-WTH-NX-1-3D-BOX $ 33.00
Diamond | 5D GRP-WTH-NX-1-5D-BOX $ 33.00
Diamond | 7D GRP-WTH-NX-1-7D-BOX $ 33.00
Diamond | 9D GRP-WTH-NX-1-9D-BOX $ 33.00
Diamond | 11D GRP-WTH-NX-1-11D-BOX $ 33.00
Diamond | 14D GRP-WTH-NX-1-14D-BOX $ 33.00
Open Magnum | 5OM GRP-WTH-NX-1-5OM-BOX $ 33.00
Open Magnum | 9OM GRP-WTH-NX-1-9OM-BOX $ 33.00
Open Magnum | 13OM GRP-WTH-NX-1-13OM-BOX $ 33.00
Open Magnum | 15OM GRP-WTH-NX-1-15OM-BOX $ 33.00
Closed Magnum | 5CM GRP-WTH-NX-1-5CM-BOX $ 33.00
Closed Magnum | 7CM GRP-WTH-NX-1-7CM-BOX $ 33.00
Closed Magnum | 11CM GRP-WTH-NX-1-11CM-BOX $ 33.00
Closed Magnum | 13CM GRP-WTH-NX-1-13CM-BOX $ 33.00
Closed Magnum | 15CM GRP-WTH-NX-1-15CM-BOX $ 33.00
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Wrath Nexus
1" Tube Grips - Box of 20

The experts at TATSoul know that professional tattoo artists demand excellence from their equipment, and they just made their Wrath disposable grips even better. Nexus grips' unique extended finger contour design allows artists to get even closer to the skin and experience better control over the design. The upgraded tip design provides improved needle visibility, optimal ink flow, and increased durability for long-lasting performance.

The superior design features a textured finish and expanded grip pattern that covers the entire body of the grip. The lightweight, ergonomically designed grips are crafted from a soft, gel-like material that absorbs vibration, reducing hand fatigue and allowing you to work more comfortably for longer. Nexus grips are molded directly onto the tube, which prevents it from moving and spinning during sessions.

Wrath Nexus Tube Grips are developed with a semi-transparent, smoke-colored tint which provides easy viewing of the ink in the reservoir, while the dark tint reduces the appearance of ink blots for a cleaner look.

Each tube comes individually wrapped and has been sterilized with ethylene oxide gas with an easy to read indicator to ensure sterilization. Upgrade your grips with these improved Nexus grips that are sure to be your new favorites.


  • Box of 20 disposable Nexus Tube Grips
  • 1 inch diameter
  • Finger contour design allows for closer contact and increased control
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
  • Semi-transparent tube provides better needle visibility
  • Improved ink flow
  • Individually wrapped and sterilized with ethylene oxide gas