Tattoo Goo Complete Tattoo Aftercare Kit with Lotion Salve Soap and Renew Enhancer SPF30

  • Made in the Usa
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$ 14.99

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Tattoo Goo

Complete Aftercare Kit

This Tattoo Aftercare Kit from Tattoo Goo contains all the essentials for keeping your tattoo looking as good as new for years to come. The 4 piece kit includes Salve to care for your new tattoo while promoting a faster healing time. The Deep Cleansing Soap is excellent for cleaning tattoos and piercings and is a broad spectrum antimicrobial and antibacterial to guard against infection. Aftercare Lotion absorbs quickly and moisturizes deeply to maintain the integrity of your tattoo and also promote healing. Lastly, Renew Enhancing Lotion is ideal for new and older tattoos. It contains SPF30 to guard against damage from sun exposure while rejuvenating and enhancing existing tattoos.


  • 1x 0.75oz Tin of Salve
  • 1x 2oz Tube of Deep Cleansing Soap
  • 1x 2oz Tube of Aftercare Lotion
  • 1x 2oz Tube of Enhancing Lotion with SPF30


  • Promotes faster healing time
  • Moisturizes to enhance ink color
  • Will not clog pores
  • Cleans and kills bacteria
  • Lanolin and petroleum free
  • Safe on all skin types