Titanium 18g Nose Ring Piercing Screw Stud Bezel Set Rhinestone 2mm

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Product ID: NS-1104-STL

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Product Description

G23 Titanium Nose Screw Stud with Bezel Set Rhinestone

18g/2mm Length/Grade 23 Titanium

Simple and stylish, this nose stud is sized at 2mm in length and 18 gauge thickness. Made of Grade 23 Titanium, the same type of metal used in surgical implants, it has a bezel set rhinestone at the end. The nose ring is in a "screw" design, which makes sure that it won't fall of out your nose.

  • Made of Grade 23 Titanium.
  • Bezel set rhinestone.
  • 2mm Length.
  • 18g.
  • "Screw" design.

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