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Single | S8-Brother | Stencil Battery | Black | N/A

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S8 Stencil Printer Battery

Efficiently print stencils on-the-go with this rechargeable, Li-Ion S8 printer battery.

The S8 Printer is a thermal printer that eliminates the need for ink cartridges. This S8 printer battery is fully compatible with all S8 printer models, and allows for up to 600 prints per charge cycle. Able to be fully charged and taken with you on the go, it is small, compact, and does not increase the size of the printer!


  • Fully Rechargeable Battery

  • Portable and Lightweight Design

  • Design Does Not Increase Size of Printer

  • Allows up to 600 Printers Per Charge

  • 1750 mAh Charging Capacity

  • The S8 Stencil Printer is the perfect size for the artist working in a shop, on the road, or touring at a convention. Able to print stencils efficiently without taking up much space, the printer comes with a variety of options to allow for different types of connectivity to your computer or mobile device. The S8 printer battery is optional and allows for several rounds of stencil printing. Fully rechargeable, it was created for its ease of use and lightweight but powerful design.
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