Single | Nose Screw Titanium Ball End | 18G (1.0 mm)

Titanium Metal Nose Screw

18g/5mm Length Between Ball & Bend

Grade 23 Titanium is a durable and lightweight metal that is also used in surgical implants because of its high biocompatibility- meaning the titanium doesn't react negatively to being inside the body, thus significantly lowering the chance of infection and irritation. The nose ring screw is sized at 18g, the most common size for nose piercings, so it is sure to fit most nose piercings. It is approximately 5mm long between the ball and bend; the ball is 2.3mm. The "nose screw" design is a great simple yet effective design that is easy to insert, but won't fall out so easily, and is great for minimizing the appearance of your nose ring.
  • Made of G23 Titanium.
  • Reduced chance of infection or irritation when worn.
  • Approximately 5mm between ball and bend.
  • 18g.
  • "Nose Screw" Design with 2.3mm Ball at the End.
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