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Ruthless Sterilized Tattoo Premixed Needles — Box of 50

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Ruthless Premium Disposable Tattoo Needles

Ruthless Premium Tattoo Needles offer a variety of needle types and sizes to fit your needs. Select from a range of style types including: Flat, Round Liners and Shaders, Magnum Dual Stacks, Curved Magnum, and Magnum Shaders. Each needle comes individually packaged, sterilized with ethylene oxide gas, and marked with an easy to read sterilization indicator to ensure a safe procedure.


  • Available In a Range of Sizes
  • Single Use Needles Allow For Easy Cleanup
  • Needles are Individually Blister Packed and Pre-Sterilized with E.O. Gas

APPLICATION: Intended for use by licensed professionals. For single use only. Do not use if packaging has been previously opened or damaged. Do not use if needle is bent or damaged. Keep in cool, dry place, away from moisture and heat. Keep out of reach of children.

Premixed Box (50 pcs)

The Ruthless premixed box of needles comes in 5 of each of the sizes listed below.

  • 5 Round Shader (5RS)
  • 7 Round Shader (7RS)
  • 9 Round Shader (9RS)
  • 3 Round Liner (3RL)
  • 5 Round Liner (5RL)
  • 7 Round Liner (7RL)
  • 9 Round Liner (9RL)
  • 1205M1C Single Curved
  • 1207M1C Single Curved
  • 1209M1C Single Curved
Please Note:

This box of 50 Ruthless premixed tattoo needles expires on July 1, 2020.
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