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Since 2001, Monster Steel has provided a full line of quality products for your tattoo supply needs. To run a successful business in your industry, you need dedication, guts, and a great partner who succeeds when you do. We look at things slightly different than the rest at Monsters Steel. We have learned over the years that the best way to grow in the tattoo industry is to help others succeed. We are proud of the extensive collections of wholesale body jewelry and tattoo supplies we offer our longstanding customers. By forming partnerships with our clients, we have learned that our place is to keep them in business and profitable. The rest just falls into place!

We have come to understand that all tattoo shops require a few essential tools that must be of exceptional quality. Stocking the top brands of tattoo ink, we make sure you have every color in your pallet. From black ink and greywash sets to skin tone and zombie greens, top brands like eternal ink, Intenze, and Starbrite have the right ink for the piece you are working on.

Another essential tool in your arsenal is the very best tattoo needles. We carry a nice assortment of affordable tattoo needle cartridges as well as traditional bar tattoo needles for those artists who prefer the old school ways. We value our relationships a great deal at Monster Steel. We are happy to work with TATSoul to carry their full line of tattoo supplies including their famous and always perfect Envy brand needles. From Bugpin to double stacked Mags, we have the exact configuration you need. Mag Lock and Bishop are the two premium lines of tattoo needle cartridges we proudly offer to artists. We feel these two lines are broad in needle groupings they offer in addition to offering a quality, well-engineered product at a reasonable price.

Monster Steel supports local artists and industry leaders. We carry rotary machines by Welker, Ego, Bishop, and more. Artists from all over the world are creating ingenious designs using modern technology and old school talent. Though we carry coil tattoo machines from major players such as TATSoul and Terry Welker, we are especially fond of the works of art created by talented artists working until late in the night making quality, American made tattoo machines. Hard working artists like Jake of Painful Irons creates amazing hand made machines at a price anyone can afford.

Monster Steel strives to be your go-to source for all of your tattoo equipment, power supplies, body jewelry, aftercare and accessories. Our large and diverse selection means that you don’t have to chase down multiple suppliers for your tattoo ink and tatty supply needs. We pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation and have developed many long-term relationships over the years. We are committed to providing the best possible customer service and building a relationship to help you succeed.

Check out our site and if you have any questions, or want to talk to a live person, check out our contact page or call us directly at 561-425-6617

Since 2001, Monster Steel has worked with the top artists and brands in the world, offering exceptional tattoo supplies & wholesale body jewelry with outstanding customer service! Welcome to Monster Steel! Shop our selection of tattoo & piercing supplies fit for individual & wholesale buyers. Free shipping on purchases $200 or higher.