An Advocate for Customers: Interview with Monster Steel Customer Relations

An Advocate for Customers: Interview with Monster Steel Customer Relations

Without customers, there isn't any business.

So, building relationships with them is imperative to the sustained success of any company, said Lee Sevilla, Customer Relations Manager at Monster Steel, who understands the critical role customer relations plays in influencing consumer behavior.

"A drive for perfection and attention-to-detail makes Lee a perfect fit to oversee customer relations," said Gustavo Mitchell, owner of Monster Steel. "He wants to solve any and all issues that are brought in by our clients because he understands that without them, we can't grow as a company."

Sevilla spoke with The Tattoo Times about his role at Monster Steel, his goals for customer service, and what innovations the future has in store.

The Customer Experience

"Everyone at Monster Steel understands that the customer's business is our business. If the artist can't get exactly what they want, when they want it, then we have not met our purpose."

Sevilla starts each day combing reviews, emails, social media comments and other forms of feedback to identify any customer relations issues and required solutions.

"I am a big advocate for the customer having a voice in how we operate," he said. "I analyze all the incoming data to look for trends that can help me improve the buyer experience."

Sevilla is a strong believer in communication across all levels within the company. Once he sees something that can be changed to benefit the customer, he meets with appropriate departments to discuss potential changes that will result in a better experience for the shopper.

Changes for the Better

Since taking on the role as manager of customer service, Sevilla has implemented a number of changes that have successfully improved relationships with customers.

"I wanted to enhance the buyer experience from within because that is what matters," he said. "We don't do this as a favor; we need to pay attention to the needs of those we do business with."

This extends beyond Q&A, answering phones, and returning calls, said Sevilla, who has created multiple levels of communication for customers to access including email, chat, and a direct-to-customer-service-rep phone number.

"We have to be great at all aspects of the fulfillment chain," he said. "It is not enough to take payment and send the product. We have to make sure the customer gets what they want, when we promise to get it to them, and in perfect shape."

Sevilla also realizes that the consumer experience doesn't only depend on his department. As a rule, Monster Steel ensures all products undergo a stringent quality control process to make sure they perform as expected.

Future Initiatives

"When working in the e-commerce field, you can't depend on any type of status quo," said Sevilla. "The web is always changing and it is up to us to change with it. With this in mind, we are continually working to improve customer satisfaction. It's all about sharing information that the customer needs whether that be a product description on the site, educational material through blogs and our newsletter, or updating consumers on shipping changes. Customers have a right to know what is happening, not only with their purchase, but with our industry as well. We want their business to thrive."

Monster Steel will soon introduce a communication feature that will provide clients updates on their orders, allow them to track statuses and enable inquiries and responses about purchases. Also on the horizon are customer service improvements that will provide each customer a more personalized experience when shopping with Monster Steel.

"We want artists, studio owners, and distributors to know who we are and what we do to improve their business," said Sevilla, a true advocate for the tattoo and piercing industries who strives to make sure that customers understand that they are more than just a purchase number on a data sheet.

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