Coil Machines


Coil Tattoo Machines

The classic and longstanding workhorse of the tattoo industry is the mighty, handmade coil tattoo machine.  For ages, old school artists have rigged their liners and shaders and pushed out amazing tattoo body art that amazes all.  A good coil tattoo machine is a necessity.  There are simply situations where a coil machine can do a better job than a rotary tattoo machine for very specific color packing designs and shading particulars.

We have a great selection of quality hand made tattoo machines made by the very best artists around.  From Welker classic coil machines to TATsoul production models and tons of designs made by artists who simply have years of experience under their belt, our line of tattoo machines can not be beat.  We stand behind al our machines and our strong relationships in the industry.  This allows you to purchase with confidence and know that we stand behind every sale we make to you.  Our success depends on yours.  Let one of our friendly and knowledgeable tattoo experts help you choose your next coil tattoo machine today.