Tattoo Accessories

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Tattoo Accessories

Monster Steel is the top-rated online source for wholesale tattoo accessories. For more than a decade, our store has remained a one-stop shop for our clients because we carry the widest range of accessories at the best prices.

We are aware that our customers want only the best and the finest tattoo products and equipment in their studio. So we also offer a curated selection of tattoo supplies from the best brands and manufacturers in the business. We carry thermal stencil transfer papers, tattoo cleansers, thermal copy machines, thermal transfer solutions, and even tattoo tools and equipment for your shop. Our long list of partner brands includes Cosco Green Soap, Ottlite, Spirit, ReproFX, Bondhus, Baltimore Street Irons, and Ruthless.

Our in house Monster Steel brand gives you the best bang for your buck on steel trays, stands, tripods, wall signs, LED shop signs, lamps, and tattoo body piercing bed tables.

Reliability is the cornerstone of our business philosophy, so you are assured that we will consistently deliver excellent customer experience. Our website is updated daily for new items and last-minute deals. Furthermore, our product offerings are always in stock, ready for same-day shipping to the United States, Canada, and other regions worldwide.

Our site supports fast, efficient, and secure online payment channels accepting payments via all major credit cards and

For inquiries on tattoo accessories and our other products, contact us via email, live chat, or call us at 1-800-630-9256.