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Cheyenne Capillary Cartridge Needles — Box of 20

Cheyenne Capillary Cartridge Needles — Box of 20


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Single Box of 20 Capillary Cartridges by Cheyenne

Enjoy faster, super precise, and steady omnidirectional tattooing with Cheyenne Capillary cartridge needles. Featuring a capillary with a reservoir on the inside of the cartridge tip, these cartridges are designed to absorb 10 times more ink, which means less dipping into your ink caps while tattooing. Each cartridge effectively distributes tattoo ink to all individual needles for quicker, more consistent filling and better results. Additionally, improved omnidirectional needle guidance allows for more precise, even tattooing.

Maintaining the favored qualities of previous Cheyenne cartridges, these Capillary cartridges feature a patented safety membrane that prevents blood from entering your tattoo grip and additional cross-contamination. You can still mix ink colors in your cartridges and clean them completely with water.

Cheyenne Capillary Cartridge tattoo needles come as one box of 20 cartridge needles in the needle grouping of your choice. Please note that prices vary slightly based on the configuration you select.


  • 20 cartridge needles per box
  • Needle configurations identified by color-coded caps
  • Sterilized and hygienic
  • Safety membrane keeps pigment, germs, bacteria, etc. from entering the motor or client
  • Capillary with ink reservoir permits 10x longer ink flow
  • Ultra-precise and omnidirectional needle guidance
  • Evenly distributes tattoo ink to all individual tattoo needles for optimal tattoo results
  • Tattoos with less trauma to the skin
  • 100% quality control
  • Price per one box of 20 needle cartridges