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Peak Lazur Tattoo Power Supply

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  • Measurements: 7.2” (L) x 4.8” (W); 3.1” (H)
  • Dual inputs and power knobs; operates 2 machines
  • Display screen shows output voltage, amps, and speed (Hz)
  • 100v–240v input voltage
  • 0v–18v output voltage with 1v adjustment increments
  • Start-up voltage is 10v; can be adjusted
  • 3.4A input current
  • Magnet bottom for peak-level setup
  • 2 USB 2A charging ports; can be used with other devices
  • Equipped with built-in short circuit protection
  • Works with standard 1/4” clip cords and foot pedal connections
  • Equipped with US power cable, adapter, and 20 disposable Peak-certified knob caps
  • Euro power cord available separately
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