Look ... It's a Bird ... It's a Tattoo ... It's Moving !

Look ... It's a Bird ... It's a Tattoo ... It's Moving !

Look ... It's a Bird ... It's a Tattoo ... It's Moving !

Image via Andre Zechmann

Look on her back. It's a bird. Not a plane. It's a moving tattoo that has become an Internet sensation overnight.

Social media is chirping about Andre Zechmann and the phoenix he inked on the back on a Viennese woman. Why? The bird appears to be flying -- and certainly not under the radar.

Not since the Austrian tattoo artist posted a video depicting his realistic design on social media. The clever tattoo has garnered more than 36 million views on Facebook. What took the 43-year-old Zechmann seven hours to ink, needed just one evening to achieve immortal status -- or more than 68 million users reached, 130,000 likes, and 435,000 shares on Facebook.

"When I was finished and the brave client moved her shoulders, I was amazed at how realistic it looked -- as if the tattoo was really flying," said Zechmann, who left his job in 2011 to pursue a career in the tattoo industry.

Because visuals drive tattoo demand, social media becomes a natural platform for artists to generate interest in their designs.

Social media is a tool that artists can take advantage of by themselves to instantly increase exposure at virtually no cost. Plus, posting unique, creative designs is a great way to elevate a tattoo shop's visibility and delineate the capabilities of its artists from competitors.

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