New Products Leading a Revolution in the Tattoo Industry

New Products Leading a Revolution in the Tattoo Industry

There’s a revolution coming to the tattoo industry and it has us seeing a good way!

Though we’ve seen lots of innovation over the last several decades in tattooing, from ink formulation to new styles of machines to new tools for ensuring more effective black ink tattoos have been slow on the market. That’s about to change. The best innovations in tattooing are driven by the science of the body melded with an understanding of the art of tattooing and we’re seeing a more seamless understanding of the tattoo process than ever before thanks to scientifically driven tattoo products.

S8 has just launched a series of science driven products that are changing the way that black ink is done. Not only are we seeing crisper and clearer tattoos in those dark colors, we’re seeing artists have an easier time cleaning and maintaining equipment. Not only that, S8’s revolutionary products are actually making tattooing more comfortable for those getting inked.

S8 Red Stencil Paper

The problem of stenciling on light skin tones has long been an issue for tattoo artists. The revolutionary paper from S8allows artists to get a greater degree of visual separation compared to traditional tattoo stencil paper. What’s more – it’s perfectly compatible with all impact and thermal printers.

S8 is the first manufacturer to finally get this issue right, creating a red stencil paper that’s safe for all skin types and uses vegetable and mineral waxes. The paper is perfect for seeing black ink and offers artists a higher degree of control and attention to detail, enabling them to create better tattoos.

The quality of these stencils just can’t be matched – they are truly a revolution in the market. Stencils don’t smudge or smear with this paper, they stay put until the artist is ready to remove them. That’s important particularly with large or intricate tattoos that require extended sessions in order to complete.

Stencil paper is one of those things that tattoo artists just shouldn’t have to think about, and with the red stencil paper from S8, they don’t have to.

S8 Red Stencil Transfer Gel

You need a great transfer gel to match the quality of S8’s red stencil paper to facilitate its use on the skin. Enter S8 Red Stencil Transfer Gel. Cleansing the skin of oils and bits of dead skin, this gel transfers the stencil from the paper to the skin, creating a perfect reflection. S8’s red stencil transfer gel gives the clean, crisp image that artists need in order to get the work just right.

The other fantastic thing about this transfer gel is that it comes in easy to use, cost effective single serve packets. Even the packaging is optimized for the quickest use by artists in their studios, so that there’s less time spent opening packages and more time spent creating beautiful tattoos.

This product is safe for all skin types and it’s free from petroleum and glycol. Infused with botanicals, it’s optimized to work with red stencil paper and to perfectly prep the skin. There is truly nothing else like this on the market.

S8 Red Soap

A giant leap forward in the technology of tattooing, S8 Red Soap is the first vegan AND alcohol free soap to effectively clean and balance the pH level of the skin.

Using the right soap to cleanse the skin before applying a stencil is an important part of facilitating faster healing and more beautiful tattoos. It makes for lower levels of inflammation and less pain, which are both so important for clients and for the final result.

S8 Red Soap was developed by a team of scientists specifically for tattooing. Artists add this liquid soap to the water in their wash bottles in order to improve their results. Loaded with plant and vegetable enzymes, this soap washes away everything from fungus to bacteria, leaving the surface of the skin prepped and ready for the tattoo process.

S8 Red Tattooing Gel

Pain reduction is a big deal in the tattoo industry and S8 Red Tattooing Gel decreases the discomfort that clients feel when getting inked. That’s because it decreases the heat from the motion of the needle, lowering the amount of needle burn that’s felt during the tattoo process. Not only that, this tattooing gel actually locks the stencil in place, keeping it still so that the finished product comes off as beautiful as the stencil looks.

Here’s where the science comes back into the equation. S8 Red Tattoong Gel is made with long chain molecules, an aspect of the gel that forms a wonderfully protective coating on the skin during the tattoo process. It works well with all kinds of stenciling and tattoo products on the market, preventing blurring as it seals the stencils onto the skin as it reduces glare and prevents eye strain for artists. Win-win.

S8 Red Needle Cleaner

Improved needle performance helps tattoo artists create their best artwork for their clients. By adding S8 Needle Cleanerto rinse cups. It’s compatible with all needle technology and is perfectly safe for all skin types.

The vegetable based formula for this tattoo needle cleaner improves needle performance and lessens cross-color contamination. Tattoos can be done faster without the need for all that extra cleaning, which means more clients and higher profits. Who would have every thought that something as mundane as needle cleaner could do so much?

The bottom line is that dark ink and crisper lines are big deals these days and those aren’t trends that are likely to change. Artists who want to be competitive in the market are going to have to take advantage of the best products and the most up to date science out there in order to meet the needs of their clients. Luckily, there are people like those at S8 who are ready to stand up and fill those needs.

Join the revolution, taking advantage of the new and innovative products out there and do more for your clients.

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