Top Vegan Tattoo Products

Top Vegan Tattoo Products

What does a vegan tattoo even mean? Though there’s definitely a social connotation to veganism and it has come to mean more than just not eating meat.

Understanding vegan tattooing

Vegans forgo all animal products. That means no meat, no dairy products, no eggs, no anything at all that was once part of or came out of an animal. It tends to bleed into other areas of life for vegans, so they won’t wear leather shoes that were once part of the skin of an animal or use soap that’s been made with ingredients that came from an animal source. The list goes on and on, but the idea is to do as little harm as possible to other creatures.

Tattoos are intimate pieces of artwork. Food passes through your body and it’s gone. That leather jacket might touch you, but it’s not a part of you. The intimate nature of tattooing means that there are lots of people out there who, while they might be willing to eat an animal or wear one, don’t want it soaked into their skin permanently through their tattoo.

There’s a broad section of tattoo enthusiasts who aren’t vegan in other parts of their lives who want vegan tattoo products. In addition to the growing population of actual vegans who want tattoos and aren’t willing to compromise their moral beliefs to get inked.

That leaves tattoo artists needing to offer vegan tattoo products. In the interest of that pursuit, here are the top vegan tattoo products out there:

Top vegan tattoo products

World Famous Ink

This company is not only vegan, but cruelty free, which means that none of its products were tested on animals. They offer a complete line of vegan tattoo products, including high quality, solid, core viscosity in each and every color in their line. Tattoo professionals all over the world appreciate the proprietary vegan ink formulas offered by World Famous Ink.

You’ll find that these inks are not only made in the USA, but that they’re sterilized with gamma radiation and available in a wide variety of colors. As with other inks, you can purchase color individually or as part of larger packages.

World Famous Ink was developed by experience tattoo artists who wanted to bring something new to the market – cruelty free tattoo ink that was high quality and easy to use. Their simple goal is to produce the best tattoo ink in the world. You know, without hurting things.

After Inked

After Inked tattoo aftercare lotion is amazing, formulated with grapeseed oil to speed healing and decrease discomfort once the tattoo has been completed. Aside from being vegan, it’s also paraben and fragrance free and completely devoid of petroleum products. It’s also great for use after permanent makeup application.

You can get After Inked in pillow packs or in tubes, so it’s perfect for use by tattoo studios who want to offer a vegan tattoo moisturizer option to their clients. Easy to use, it will help to preserve the color and distinction of tattoos after they’ve been completed.

Not only is After Inked cruelty free, it’s also Non-GMO and approved by dermatologists. Overall, it’s just an amazing product and well worth offering to customers, vegan or not.


When we talk about revolutions in the world of tattooing, it’s impossible not to talk about S8’s incredible line. These products are not only giving artists new tools to take tattoos to the next level, they’re doing it without the use of animal products. Vegan ink and aftercare lotions have been on the market for some time, but vegan versions of the other products that go into tattoos haven’t been readily available, until now. You’ll find that everything in the expanding line of S8 products is vegan and the company is clearly dedicated to offering customers the best without hurting animals along the way.

Look for a full line of animal free products from S8, including tattooing gel, needle cleaner, stencil paper, soap and more. Keep in mind that when we’re talking about vegan tattoo products, we’re talking about everything that goes along with the process being free from animal products, not just the ink. They take the best plant based tattoo ingredients from around the world and mold them into the highest quality vegan tattoo products currently available on the market.

This is a company that has humanitarian and philanthropic causes as part of its mission. Not only are none of its products made with animal products or tested on animals, the company also donates profits to good causes in an effort to give something else back to the world. It’s a company that’s really targeted at artists rather than at consumers, giving them the high quality tools that they need to give customers the best tattooing experience possible.

S8 gives vegans and cruelty-free tattoo enthusiasts something to really get excited about.

Carrying vegan tattoo products in your shop

These products are high-quality, vegan or not. Tattoo artists can offer them with confidence to all clients with confidence. All tattoo shop owners should consider stocking a vegan line of tattoo products in order to cater to the growing demands of people who want tattoos that are free of animal products. There are so many hidden ingredients that sneak into tattoo products and customers are constantly getting more knowledgeable about what they want from the products that are part of their tattoos. The vegan tattoo product question is one of those things that can make or break a customer within just a few minutes of walking into your shop.

These products are all cost conscious as well, so you can rest assured that offering vegan tattoo products isn’t going to affect your bottom line.

Ten years ago, vegan tattoo products were just a blip in the tattoo world, but today this is a growing section of the industry. Given the higher availability of vegan tattoo products, we wouldn’t be surprised to see 100% cruelty free tattoo shops popping up around the U.S.!

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