Voodoo Rob Reviews the Welker Rotary Tattoo Machine

Voodoo Rob Reviews the Welker Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Who Is This Machine For?

This machine should appeal to even the staunchest traditionalist as it has an armature bar like a coil setup that retains the sense of feel of a subject’s skin and out of the box it is tuned the day it leaves their factory used with tubes and tips or with an adaptor like the Ruthless brand push rod plunger to fit an armature bar and also push cartridge needles.

What’s Unique About this Machine?

It is an all-around machine that comes in offerings of 4 different stroke depths.

Brian Everett and Welker (an arm of Eternal Ink) are the visionaries behind this machine, one that they claim eliminates ALL vibrations with a patent-pending dual balancing plane. The goal and desired result of this undertaking is a machine void of all vibrations, something Welker has filed a patent on their dual-plane balancing system, yet another ground-breaking milestone in tattooing for the industry. With each and every turn of the cog, there is a counterbalance applied to minimize the vibrations to the extent they are negligible.

What Are the Specs?

- Choice of four-stroke lengths Short is .100” (2.5mm), Medium- .125” (3.2mm) Long- .150” (3.8mm) and Extra Long-.175” (4.5mm). and in 10 anodized colors. Now is the time to feel the difference ... so follow Brian Everett’s advice and try one today.,

- Stabilizer to ensure the needle bar is aligned in the dead center of the tube. Once you place a small bend in the bar about an inch above the needle,

- Constructed from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and 304 stainless steel, the machines are precision CNC milled parts, that are hand assembled, and hand finished right here in the USA.

- One-year warranty.

- It uses the German Faulhaber motors which have a global reputation for precision and calibration.

- All American made 440 stainless steel bearings.
Powered by a top of the line German made Faulhaber DC micro-motor with 2.6 Watt of output power and 9900 rpm of no-load speed @12volts.

- The machine will run approximately at 125cps(cycles per second) @12 volts and drop approximately 14 cps (cycles per second) per 1-volt reduction in power fully loaded up with needles working the canvas.

- Needle retention device locks to the left and right to facilitate needle loading. The amount of pre-bend given to the needle determines tension. The retention system can be used in the loaded (tension) position when using a t-tech type of adaptor for exchangeable needle tips as the guide wheel of the retention system guides the needle down the center of the tube.

- 10 different anodized colors.

- Weight 120g.

- Produced in-house at Welker machines a division of Eternal Ink Inc.

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