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14g-00g White Acrylic Captive Rings

14g-00g White Acrylic Captive Rings

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14g- 00g White Acrylic Captive Bead Rings

These rings are a great alternative to standard stain less steel captive rings. The rings are available in 14g (1.6mm) through 00g (10mm). Diameter and ball size vary depending upon gauge size. Each ring is crafted from high quality, light weight acrylic. The larger gauge rings have indented balls giving the illusion the ring is one continuous piece.

Gauge Diameter Ball size
14g- 1.6mm 12mm 5mm
12g- 2.0mm 13mm 6mm
10g- 2.5mm 13mm 8mm
8g- 3.0mm 14.5mm 8mm
6g-4mm,4g-5mm,2g-6mm 16mm 8mm, 2g~ 10mm
0g-8mm 20mm 12mm
00g-10mm 22mm 12mm


  • Gauge:14g (1.6mm) through 00g (10mm)
  • Diameter: Diameter varies with gauge size. See size chart above.
  • Ball Size: 14g ~5mm, 12g ~6mm, 10g-4g ~8mm, 2g~ 10mm, or 0g-00g~ 12mm.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Priced per 1