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18g, 16g, or 14g Crescent Moon 14kt Yellow Gold Push Pop Top — Price Per 1

18g, 16g, or 14g Crescent Moon 14kt Yellow Gold Push Pop Top — Price Per 1


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Push Pop Threadless Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Top for 18g, 16g, or 14g Push Pin Labret Posts

This distinctive piece combines the elegance of gold jewelry with the convenience of a threadless push pop piece. This push pop top features a classic crescent moon design. The piece is made of 14kt yellow gold for a lustrous finish. The top is threadless and compatible with 18g, 16g, or 14g push pin labret posts. The Crescent Moon Yellow Gold Push Pop Top is priced per one top only.

How to Use Push Pop Jewelry:

Threadless jewelry uses tension between the end and the shaft to fit and stay together. The end has an insertion pin which is slightly bent when inserted into a straight shaft. This slight bend of the pin against the straight shaft creates a spring tension, holding the end securely in place. Follow the instructions below to secure the threadless end into the threadless shaft (see the image in the gallery of images for a diagram of how to use push pop jewelry)

  1. Insert the pin one-third to halfway into the shaft.
  2. Hand-bend slightly the insertion pin against the shaft, as shown in the gallery of images.
  3. Push the end into the shaft and test the fit.

Adjusting the Fit: If it is too tight, take some of the bend out of the pin and try again. Remember, adjust slightly and then try again.


  • Material: 14kt Yellow Gold
  • Top Size: 5mm (L) x 4mm (W)
  • Gauge: Works with 18g (~1.0mm), 16g (~1.2mm), or 14g (~1.6mm)
  • Threadless, push pop style
  • Price per one push pop top only