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20g Crystal Jewel Threadless Flat Disc Steel Labret — Price Per 1

20g Crystal Jewel Threadless Flat Disc Steel Labret — Price Per 1

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20g Stainless Steel Threadless Labret with 2.5mm Flat Disc and Prong-Set Crystal Jewel Top — Pick Length

This 20g stainless steel threadless body jewelry is perfect for a convenient and stylish look. The jewelry comes as a crystal jeweled top with a 0.5mm thick pin and a 20g steel threadless labret post with a 2.5mm flat disc. The labret is available in your choice of length: 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm; it has a 0.55mm wide hole. The 20g Crystal Jewel Threadless Steel Labret is priced per one top and labret.


  • Material: 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel
  • Gauge: 20g (~0.8mm)
  • Length Options: 6mm–10mm (~1/4”–3/8”)
  • Disc Size: 2.5mm
  • Jewel Size: 3mm
  • Pin Size: 5mm (L) x 0.5mm (thick); 0.55mm wide hole
  • Threadless style
  • Price per one threadless labret with top

How to Use Threadless Jewelry:

Threadless jewelry uses tension between the end and the shaft to fit and stay together. The end has an insertion pin which is slightly bent when inserted into a straight shaft. This slight bend of the pin against the straight shaft creates a spring tension, holding the end securely in place. Follow the instructions below to secure the threadless end into the threadless shaft (see the image in the gallery of images for a diagram of how to use threadless jewelry)

  1. Insert the pin one-third to halfway into the shaft.
  2. Hand-bend slightly the insertion pin against the shaft, as shown in the gallery of images.
  3. Push the end into the shaft and test the fit.

Adjusting the Fit: If it is too tight, take some of the bend out of the pin and try again. Remember, adjust slightly and then try again.