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50 color Set — World Famous — 1oz

50 color Set — World Famous — 1oz


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Looking for the perfect starting point for your ink-spirations? How about a collection of our top-selling tattoo inks to add for the ride. The 50 Color Set from World Famous Tattoo Ink has an unparalleled range of meticulously crafted inks, giving tattoo artists 100 + possibilities for putting the awe in jaw-dropping art.

“Each color in the set is carefully designed to be vibrant, long-lasting, and highly versatile, allowing artists to achieve a wide range of effects, from blending to bold, highly saturated hues. With the 50 Color Set, artists can push their creativity to new heights. " – Lou Rubino, Founder

Set includes:
Flying Pig Pink, Bali Pink, Pink Panther, United Ink Red, Sailor, Jerry Red, Paul Rogers Red, Big Apple Red, Alaskan Salmon, Acropolis Orange, Everest Orange, Caramel, Salvador Dali Gold, Dubai Gold, Michaelangelo Yellow, USA Yellow, Straight Yellow, Canary Yellow, Yellowstone, Mint Green, Ireland Green, Everglades Green, Vegas Green, Dead Sea, Barrier Reef, Blue, Miami Blue, Sinatra Blue, Rainbow Blue, Greenland Ice Blue, Blue Oyster Cult, Navy Seals Blue, Nile River Blue, Amsterdam Purple, Purple Haze, Leaning Tower Of Purple, London Lavendar, Purple Kush, Blackberry, Rushmore, Magenta, Bombay, Liberachi Red, Hoover Dam, Tobacco Dock, Sicilian Olive, Dark Greywash, White House, Mid-Tone Greywash, Portrait White, Charcoal Greywash, Legendary Outlining Black, Triple Blackout



World Famous Tattoo Ink Color Chart