APOF Shrunken Tattooable Idol Head - Jesse Smith

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Product ID: APOF-035

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Product Description

Not satisfied with just our Jesse Smith face for practice tattooing? Create a practice canvas or 3D masterpiece on his entire head (in fun-sized miniature form)! Molded out of silicone and rubber-based materials from Jesse Smith’s actual head, our tattooable surface has texture and curvature similar to real, live skin. This model is a shrunken, portable version of our life-sized Jesse Smith Head. Enthusiasts of new school tattooist Jesse Smith can now fulfill their fantasies of practicing their skills on the skin (and entire shrunken skull!) of a tattoo idol..


~6” (H) x 3” (W) x 4.5” (D); 13.5” circumference

Key Features:

  • Molded from tattoo artist Jesse Smith’s head
  • Shrunken in size and shape
  • Made with silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Apprentices and beginners can practice tattooing techniques
  • Professionals can use as a 3D portfolio or canvas to try new equipment and techniques

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