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Magnums | MagLock Cartridge Tattoo Needles

Magnums | MagLock Cartridge Tattoo Needles


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Note: Our remaining stock of MagLock Cartridge Tattoo Needles is currently expired and must be re-sterilized prior to use. These needles have been discounted for final sale.

Mag Lock

Magnetic Drive Needle Cartridges
Open Tip Round Magnum - Box of 10 Needles

Introducing the future of tattoo needle cartridges. Developed by industry professionals, Mag Lock Needle Cartridges are designed with an innovative magnetic drive technology. Mag Lock Needle Cartridges work with all rotary and coil tattoo machines and require no special equipment or tools.

Standard needle cartridges use rubber bands or nipples that wear down and break during tattoo sessions. With its patented frictionless design, Mag Lock Needle Cartridges are driven by magnetic fields, resulting in smoother and more consistent strokes. Your clients will experience less bleeding and irritation and you will achieve a cleaner, more precise final result.

MagLock Needle Cartridges come individually packed and are sterilized with ethylene oxide gas.


  • Works with MOST* rotary and coil machines
  • Box of 10 Open Tip Round Magnum Needle Cartridges
  • Ideal for shading work
  • Works with rotary and coil machines
  • Requires no special equipment/tools
  • Patented magnetic drive technology creates no friction
  • Provides smoother and more consistent needle strokes for more precise work
  • Produces less bleeding and skin irritation
  • Durable long-lasting design
  • Individually packaged and sterilized with EO gas

Attention: The Open Tip 9 Magnum. 11 Magnum, 13 Magnum, 15 Magnum, and 15 Round Magnum cartridges expired in January 2019. All other Open Tip Magnum cartridges expired May 2019.

MagLock Cartridges may not be compatible with Cheyenne Machines.

Frequented Asked Questions:

What are MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges

MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges are innovatively designed with a magnetic drive technology incorporated into the needle bar. The magnetic cushioning produces a virtually frictionless contact between the moving parts.

What are the Benefits of Using MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges?

MAG LOCK's unique technology allows for smoother, more consistent needle strokes and better control of the needles incision on the skin. This increased control provides less skin trauma during tattoo sessions. Your clients will experience less bleeding and irritation and you will achieve a cleaner, more precise final result.

What's the Difference Between MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges and its Competitors? 

Standard needle cartridges utilize rubber bands or nipples that wear down and break during use. MAG LOCKs patented frictionless design won't wear down during use. Additionally, MAG LOCKs magnetic cushioning produces a less aggressive impact on the skin compared to traditional needle cartridges.

Why Should I Use MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges?

MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges are more durable than standard needle cartridges and cause less damage to the skin. MAG LOCKs superior control and more consistent needle strokes will produce a better final product and a quicker healing time for your clients. MAG LOCK's clever design also reduces strain on the tattoo artists hand during sessions.

How are MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges Innovative?

MAG LOCKs patented magnetic frictionless design is revolutionizing the tattoo industry with its unmatched durability and its smooth, consistent performance. MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges also feature a unique Rapid Change Station (RCS) which allows the artist to quickly switch between lining and shading needle cartridges with a single hand. MAG LOCK is also the first in the industry to equip its needle cartridges with protective covers, providing artists with maximum protection from accidental exposure to blood during the tattoo process. The degree of care and thought put into the design of MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges sets them apart from all others.

Are MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges Compatible with Rotary and Coil Tattoo Machines?

Yes, MAG LOCK Needle Cartridges can be used with rotary and coil machines. The magnetic cushioning provides for smooth operation with both rotary and coil tattoo machines.