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InkJet Stencils® Methyl Violet Stencil Ink

InkJet Stencils® Methyl Violet Stencil Ink


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  • Bottle Size: 4oz
  • Patented methyl violet formula
  • Use with EpsonEcoTank printer; two bottles required to fill tanks
  • Yields approximately 3,000 stencils
  • Comes with Yorker cap
  • Developed and manufactured by TatuYou®
  • Price per one bottle

Directions for Use:
Wear gloves to dispense ink in all 4 tanks of a new Epson EcoTank printer. You will require two 4oz bottles of this stencil ink to fill all 4 tanks of your Epson EcoTank printer. Deposit one ounce of ink in each tank BEFORE plugging the printer into the power outlet.

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