Precision Mini Surgical Skin Marker Interchangeable and Sterilized

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Product ID: MED-036-single-pen

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Product Description


  • Clean skin area thoroughly with an alcohol prep or swab. Be certain to dry the area completely.
  • Carefully mark the cleaned skin area. Allow skin markings to dry.
  • Prep normally over marked site. Markings will remain permanent.


  • Ink in pen: Gentian violet a surgical ink that is the only ink approved for use on human skin during any invasive procedure
  • Removal: Remove with alcohol and a gentle scrub Note: It becomes a more permanent mark once it is allowed to dry
  • Sterile & aseptic
  • Sterilized by Gamma Ray
  • Cannot be autoclaved
  • Single patient use pen
  • Disposal: Pen should be discarded after use
  • Price Per Pen

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