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Recovery Aftercare Sea Salt and Tea Tree Oil Combo - Piercing Aftercare System

Recovery Aftercare Sea Salt and Tea Tree Oil Combo - Piercing Aftercare System

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Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with this remedial combination of Tea Tree Oil and Sea Salt from the Dead Sea.

About Recovery Aftercare Tea Tree Oil

Relieve your skin of common irritations like swelling or bleeding with our Tea Tree Oil. This all-natural topical agent comes from the Australian Melaleuca Tree. It works to dehydrate bumps, reduce scars, and encourage healthy skin after piercings and body modification procedures. Combine our Tea Tree Oil with our Saline Solution according to your aftercare needs for a hygienic healing process and offer your skin the treatment it craves.

About Recovery Aftercare Sea Salt from the Dead Sea

Harness the healing powers of the Dead Sea, and offer your body modifications the miraculous recovery they deserve. Using this Recovery Sea Salt, derived from the mineral-rich Dead Sea, a body of water that is almost devoid of pollution and sodium chloride, you can give irritated skin or new piercings an assuaging, all-natural recovery. The Recovery Sea Salt allows you to mix up to 60 sea salts for both healing and therapeutic purposes. Recover, relax, and bring the Dead sea to the comfort of your home.

Tea Tree Oil Details:

  • 1/2 oz

  • Oil derived from Australian Mela(more...)