TATSoul Envy Traditional Cartridge Tattoo Needles — Box of 10

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Product ID: CART-072-ENVY

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Product Description

  • Box of 10 Envy #12 traditional cartridge needles
  • Polished long taper on liners is ideal for bold line work
  • Short taper on magnums is ideal for color packing
  • Features one-piece needle and plunger overmold
  • Optimal stability and control; membrane mechanism prevents ink spitback
  • Enhanced ink flow and saturation with indented needle tip
  • Looser needle groupings permit enhanced saturation
  • Needle Type Options: Round Liner, Magnum, Curved Magnum, Whip Magnum, Whip Curved Magnum
  • Ethylene Oxide gas sterilized and packaged individually
  • Needles have undergone 30-point inspection for quality

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