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Ultra-Slim Stealthy LED Lumen Series Porta-Trace Light Box by Gagne

Ultra-Slim Stealthy LED Lumen Series Porta-Trace Light Box by Gagne

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Ultra Stealthy LED LUMEN Series Porta-Trace Light Box by Gagne

A must-upgrade for any tattoo shop, chances are this will be the last light box your shop will ever need. Featuring an ultra-slim profile and embedded LEDs this stealthy light panel allows you to trace, re-draw or dial in any design with ease. It features a high-clarity acrylic sleeve to hold your drawing and back-light it for further fine-tuning and can be easily swapped out by simply untwisting the 4 corner pegs. This is not your average light box, this is a hi-tech light panel built to last and perform its task brilliantly.

The ultrathin design and LED lighting create a halo effect around this ultra low profile light box. It has optional length corner pegs to allow for easy conversion to a wall hanging lighted display unit. Coupled with a pigtail adapter that serves in lieu of On/Off switch makes this change possible both quickly from an advertisement to a practical work tool. Rated for a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, LED's are also energy-efficient and create a no hot-spot edge-to-edge drawing surface.

  • 1/2" ultra-slim LED Light Box Features 1" and Optional 4" Corner Pegs

  • Acrylic Sleeve Holds Media in Place

  • Permits Rapid Change Twist-Off 4 Corner Pegs

  • CE, RoHS and eco friendly components and technology

  • Embedded LED's Provide Superior Illumination with No Hot-Spots

  • Bright White Colour LED, 6-7000K